Center of Excellence for your Financial Health

Centre of excellence for your financial health

The advent in digital healthcare transformation, advancing patient care, constant and robust changes in federal regulations/obligations, re-admissions penalties, rising cost for quality care etc., imposes financial and administrative challenges for hospitals and healthcare providers.

Tailored Healthcare Solutions for 
Physician Offices
Billing Companies
EMS Service Providers


​​Skilled Workforce



150 k

Monthly Billing Hours

Clinical coding accuracy

98 %

Improve NCR (Net collection rate)

10 %

DNFB (Discharged, Not Final Billed) Rate reduced

30 %

OPEX Reduced

18 %


AR days

Our Expertise

Elico Healthcare Services specializes in bringing customized solutions to cater to the diverse requirements of Hospitals, Physician groups, RCM Billing Companies, EMS Providers, and Credentialing & Contracting Agencies. Equipped with 2 decades of diversified experience across multiple verticals, Elico’s value-added services enable efficient and compliant transactions which lead to ​​Increased Debtor Collections, Stronger Financials & Increased Revenues for our clients.

Revenue Cycle Management

Digitization in the Healthcare Sector has been bolstered over the past few years with the advent of numerous challenges imposed upon Hospitals & Healthcare Providers. Issues such as Advancing Patient care, Constant changes in Federal regulations & obligations, ​​Readmission penalties, and ​​Rising costs for quality care have hampered the Healthcare Sector. Elico Healthcare Services offers end to end Revenue Cycle Management Services to improve the overall financial health for our clients and partners. With a proven RCM expertise spanning over 20 years, our certified & skilled workforce, continuous improvement models, strategic quality control mechanism, and integrated analytics enable our clients to achieve and sustain their improved revenues at a lower operative cost.

Healthcare IT Solutions

As demands on time-bound quality work increase, there is a definite need to imbibe advanced technologies. At Elico Healthcare Services, our dedicated IT Solutions Development Team endeavors to support & accelerate the systemic shift to value-based healthcare based on our indigenously developed applications. Our highly accomplished engineers understand the business needs as well as numerous changes in technology to create user-friendly applications for more quality outputs.

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