Billing Solutions

Medical Billing Office

Elico provides solutions for the entire cycle of Claim generation to Receivables Management. We achieve this by our deep insight into processing each transaction with a "getting it right the first time" attitude.

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Medical Billing Office
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Billing Solutions

Claim Generation
  • Capturing services rendered – Accurate charge capture by certified coders for maximum reimbursement.
  • Eligibility verification – Validation/updating of patient information using internet tools
  • Balancing visits versus claims – Accounting for all visits through efficient database management
Claim Submission
  • Reconciliation & Tracking – Effective tracking mechanism of claims filed to carriers.
  • Tracking payor communications – Archiving and follow up of payor communications for timely implementation of updates / process change requests.
  • Handling secondary claims through efficient tracking
  • Tracking timely filing – Periodic report generation and analysis to keep track of claim status.
EOB Processing
  • Tracking and handling unpaid claims – Effective denial management through analysis of EOBs. Result oriented trend analysis to minimize denials.
  • Validating payments against fee schedule – Auditing payments received to make sure reimbursements are done per negotiated contracts.
AR Management
  • Handling refunds – Periodic verification of credit balance accounts and identification of third party to be refunded.
  • Handling pending claims – Planned schedules to work on pending claims to eliminate timely filing issues and improve reimbursements.
  • Co pay collection and tracking
  • Self pay administration – Using custom-built process for efficient tracking and administration of patient balances. Effective patient resolution techniques.
  • Old AR management – Efficient handling of old AR projects using effective methodologies/ templates to bring in maximum possible reimbursement.
Process validation & automation

Elico process experts assist in mapping the existing process and validate against industry bench marks. We use automation tools to optimize process efficiencies and remove redundancies.