Core Process

Core Process

At Elico we do things differently. We make your practice EMR compliant and manage the technology piece. The practice can be designed to be paperless and workflows can be integrated to any third party EMR/ Practice management software through a customized solution.

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Core Process

Quality Processing

Elico’s Five Decades of managing business processes is in our DNA and we have certified Quality system in place to demonstrate consistency and scalability in our prices without compromising on Quality. This simple philosophy has given confidence to our customers and they have entrusted their business processes to us.

Elico can undertake the challenges posed to the billing community in all of these areas:

Claim Generation

  • Capturing services rendered
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Balancing visits versus claims
  • Clean claim generation

Claim Submission

  • Reconciliation and Tracking
  • Tracking Payor Communications
  • Handling Secondary Claims
  • Tracking Timely Filing

EOB Processing

  • Tracking & Handling unpaid claims
  • EValidating Payments against fee schedule

AR Management

  • Handling refunds
  • Handling Pending Claims
  • Self pay administration
  • Old AR Management

Elico Business Infrastructure

The framework is derived by a combination of

  • Consultative approach as a personalized service specific to the organization, and cross pollinating the best practices to establish benchmarks, and;
  • Adpapting technology by re-inventing processes, rather than just managing them.

Elico’s business platform offers advantages to its customers at every stage of the business cycle:

At the Strategic Level

Structured Business Model
Innovative Development for Half a Century

At the Financial Level

Financially Conservative
Reinvesting for the Future

At the Operational Level

Improving efficiencies through a combination of automation and productivity

Better Process management by adopting "Next Practices"

Successful Client Results

Elico’s success models are as varied as its client base. We have been champions of our clients success by

Increased Collections

  • Decreased turn around times
  • Efficient Service Capture
  • Effective claim tracking & follow up

Dramatic Reductions in Cost

  • Automation
  • ‘Variable Costing’ of Resources through an extended business office
  • Low Operational overheads

Aggresive Denials Management

  • Effective and timely denial handling
  • Trend Analysis
  • Result oriented AR Management

Continuous Compliance Review

  • Physician Documentation Review
  • Accurate Coding Services
  • Payment Audits per fee Schedule

Platform for Client Growth

  • Access to Trained manpower
  • Extended business office
  • Adapting Innovative Business Partnership