Customer Success Model
Route to Success
Elico Healthcare Services’ (EHCS) digital analytics and clinical thought-leadership has been the driving force within the RCM market. Our clients’ success is based on both ​​Elico Healthcare Services proprietary analytics and clinical best practices. Our Clients Achieve: Optimized Revenues, Reimbursements, Outcomes, and Quality Documentation.

Provider Group Success Story


  • Coding accuracy and billing lag times
  • Increased AR days DSO driving consistent cash flow, high rejection and denial rates
  • Widening Gap between Business and Clinical side of RCM


  • 8% revenue loss
  • 2% unrecognized Medicare bonuses lost
  • Improve denial rate 15% over average
  • First pass rate is under 70%
  • DSO trending is above 80 days
  • Both GCR & NCR ratio’s below industry
  • Cash realization from AR less than 1%


  • 3% improvement in revenues
  • 98% improvement in medical accuracy, billing performance
  • Less than 1% in coding denials
  • 10-15% first pass rate improvement
  • Improved compliance

Why Choose us ?

  • Optimize revenues and profitability
  • Improve accuracy and compliance by over 20%
  • HIPAA HITECH, SOC1, SOC 2, SOC 3 Security Compliance; ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 certified

​​Elico Healthcare Services provides you with end to end solutions for your healthcare business.

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