Medical Dictation Services
Elico Healthcare Services is one of the leading providers of high quality, time-sensitive, and cost-effective turnkey transcription services. Elico Healthcare Services has been providing services to healthcare organizations such as individual physicians, medical practices, hospitals, and other medical transcription service organizations in the United States of America since 1999. Elico Healthcare Services also provides legal transcription services to UK-based individual solicitors as well as attorney firms.
Medical Transcription and Medical Scribing Services

Accuracy is essential, however, in any business whether it is for-profit or non-profit. ​​Elico Healthcare Services can assure you that your transcription service meets the agreed service level based on accuracy and TAT; that is why we allocate dedicated resources with trained backups for each client. Due to our regulated workflow process and the virtual time difference between India and US/UK, we can offer a turnaround time of less than 12 hours from the time files are received by us through different facilities in India.

High quality Professional Transcription Services

Transcription experience since 1999

Fast turn-around service

Accurate, fully proofed transcriptions that meet and exceed expectations set by clients

State-of-the-art work flow technology that is continually being improved to suit our ever expanding international clientele

A fully scalable process that can match your business needs

Reliable, simple and hassle free so that you can get on with your job

Guaranteed compliance with most if not all transcription regulations

With a team of full time transcription professionals, English speaking and computer literate graduate and postgraduate manpower, who continue to cater to the growing demands of Transcription Industry's Growing demand.

Secure medical transcription facilities in India with locations in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mysore with strong and robust infrastructure

Clear, Accurate Results

For all our customers - from health to legal, we know your clientele demand a consistent high quality of transcribed records that is why we are passionate in maintaining a high standard in all our services. Our business as well as yours depends on maintaining that consistent high performance.

Core Values


Complete honesty and sincerity in all we do


Striving for superior quality in every task we perform


Respecting each individual working together as team


Security and Privacy of customer information is of utmost importance


Open, honest communication at all levels


Listening to our Customers


Passion, Risk & Leadership in every task.


At ​​Elico Healthcare Services, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that what you record is exactly what you expect and we often exceed that expectation.

Transcription Services

Our web-based as well as client-designated Transcription Management system is designed to automate and streamline the entire workflow of voice and transcript files. Our process is a self-explanatory and straight forward web interface saving precious time on a daily basis.

Medical Transcription

The quality, accuracy and timeliness of transcriptions services rely on key fundamentals within the service firm. We at ​​Elico Healthcare Services have the experience, expertise, training, and supervisory capabilities in all of these fundamental areas. Our reliability and history makes sure of that.

Training & Supervision

When it comes to providing the best transcription services within the industry, ​​Elico Healthcare Services upholds the highest standards in supervision and training standards. Our team consists of medical professionals who have the necessary expertise needed to review transcribed documents.

For further information on Medical Dictation Services, Please see Eliscription website

​​Elico Healthcare Services provides you with end to end solutions for your healthcare business.

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