End to End RCM Solutions
Reduced (↓) cycle time from treatment to reimbursement
The advent in digital healthcare transformation, advancing patient care, constant and robust changes in federal regulations/obligations, re-admissions penalties, rising cost for quality care etc., imposes financial and administrative challenges for hospitals and healthcare providers.
Solution to Excellence

With proven RCM expertise over 20 years, Elico Healthcare offer end to end revenue cycle management services to improve the overall financial health for our clients and partners. Our certified and skilled work force, continuous improvement model, strategic quality control mechanism and integrated analytics enable our clients to achieve and sustain the improved revenue at lesser operative cost.

Why Elico healthcare services?

Clinical coding accuracy @ 98 %

↑ 10% increase in RPC

(Revenue per claim)

Decreased AR days

(By 15 days)

Improve NCR by 10%

(Net collection rate)

Reduced cycle time

from treatment to reimbursement

Reduced DNFB rate by 30%

(Discharged, Not Final Billed)

Integrated AR analytics

Clinical documentation

analysis and improvement

Reduce OPEX by 18-30%

Customer-centric integrated approach

Customized Revenue Cycle Solutions

Elico Healthcare Services provides you with end to end solutions for your healthcare business.

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