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Transcription Quality Services

When it comes to providing the best transcription services within the industry, EHS upholds the highest standards in supervision and training. Our team consists of medical professionals who have the necessary expertise needed to review transcribed documents.

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Transcription Quality Services


The best testimonial to our quality and accuracy is our longevity. We meet all accuracy compliance requirements where we have established a systematic approach to accuracy and quality:

  • We maintain a very high standard of recruitment and training
  • Our transcriptionists go through more than six month of intensive training and close on-the-job supervisory training and provided with regular feedback.
  • We have medical professionals to oversee complex work
  • Software accurately checks that every file we receive is fully transmitted
  • Every transmitted file is also manually checked
  • We have electronic dictionaries with up-to-date library as reference material
  • Our QAs have more than five years’ experience and our Quality Assurance team checks each document produced
  • That team maintains data on the needs and instructions of each client
  • Each document go through two levels of quality inspection and a third level if required before it reaches external QA
  • Dedicated team of transcriptionists and quality inspectors for each client
  • Re-training of our staff is one of our core competence for endurance
  • Quality Management System is mature and robust with years of experience
  • Work environment encourages attention to both client satisfaction and job satisfaction


Being an ISO 27001:2013 certified company (Information Security Management System), we take security of your information very seriously. We have and are investing considerable time and resources are ensuring that our security measures meet or exceed all regulatory requirements.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

This act safeguards the confidentiality of patient information. Every healthcare system must have effective programs and systems in place to meet the requirements of these important and complex regulations.

How We Secure Your Information

We take considerable measures to secure your information and we constantly review our security systems to seek even better and more secure processes.

At present:

  • We secure the transmission of your information over the Internet with the highest levels of security protocols available. We meet or exceed all HIPAA standards.
  • All media containing personal information is secure
  • No hard copy transcripts are archived
  • Personal health information is not retained at any individual workstation.
  • Client Protocols/ Info docs data is maintained in secure, centralized locations.
  • We does not maintain information backup until and unless it is mandate from client end, which will be stored in secured servers and locations
  • Our workstations use the latest and highest levels of virus protection
  • Our network is protected by the latest and most secure firewall available
  • We utilize complete redundancy planning through multiple internet circuits.
  • Our transcriptionists, editors, QA, and management are bound by non-disclosure agreements
  • All personnel are trained and educated on HIPAA regulations
  • Patient records are accessed by team on a need-to-know basis through appropriate access permissions provided by clients
  • BCP Site is configured for redundancy in emergencies
  • All work areas are secured through access control
  • Biometric access controls are deployed for sensitive work areas like data centers, etc.
  • Burglar and intruder alarm systems
  • Fire alarm and monitoring facilities with emergency rescues team
  • Internet and email security with restricted internet access to associates
  • USB and DVD drives are locked at desktop level