Medical Record Review
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The dynamic growth in healthcare technologies and federal initiative promotes providers towards the use of EHR/EMR. Despite the digitization of medical records, it is also required to control the healthcare malpractice and adhere to federal and state laws.

Medical record review and analysis solutions offered by Elico Healthcare services are the independent medical record review used for various objectives like attorney’s legal perusal, Payer’s claim consideration, malpractice review, Medicare audit, etc. Medical Record review and Analysis also facilitate essential prognosis and historical treatment data to Medical Providers (like – Surgeon, Consultant, and Nurses practitioner) to determine the financial liabilities and the possible treatment option's feasibility.

IME (Independent Medical Examination)

Initial Reports 
Follow up reports
Delivery receipt
Work status report
Disability letters/Excuse Slip
Operative report/Procedure Note
EMG/NCV report
Labs, EKG, Spirometry
Muscle Strength Testing Examination
A detailed history of injury
Prior history of accident and/or illness
Current complaints
Physical examination
Physical findings
Assessment and conclusions
IME Reports

Peer Reviews/Surgical Reviews

Evidence-based clinical reporting to determine causality and medical necessity. 

A detailed review of submitting physician's bill
Evaluation of supporting documents
Comment on treatment rendered
Letter of Medical Necessity

End to end Medical record review (Bill Review)

Initial Reports 
Verification of Treatment (NF-3)
Physical therapy bills
Appeal Letter
Procedure report
Follow up reports
All radiology and Pathology reports
Past History and Present Medical Condition
Treatment Plan
Statement of Accounts if it is related to pharmacy
Evaluation of Billing Summary

Radiology Reviews

Evidence-based clinical reporting to determine causality and medical necessity. 

X-Ray Reports
CT Scans
MRI/MRA Reports
Angiography/ Interventional Radiology Reports

​​Elico Healthcare Services provides you with end to end solutions for your healthcare business.

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