Pre Billing Services

Provider Credentialing

Elico Healthcare Services offers a streamlined provider credentialing process to enable our clients and partner to submit credentialing applications for various health plan networks. Elico Healthcare process allows providers to complete a credentialing application one time for multiple health plans within significantly reduced turnaround time.

Reduced Medical errors

Reduced Denial rate for providers

Enable to improve overall bottom line

Improved electronic transactions for cash flow

Improved patient care

Patient Eligibility

Elico Healthcare Services offers patient eligibility verification as an integrated part of our end to end RCM solutions that enable us to increase the first pass claim and lead to client's and partner's overall financial performance. Our specially designed patient relation’s team (PR) can add value to mitigate the risk of front end rejections.

Path to improve the first pass rate.

Improved the cash flow

Time efficient claim processing

Reduced turnaround time

Efficient transactions

Improved patient payment

out of pocket expenses

Minimized rework

Elico Healthcare Services provides you with end to end solutions for your healthcare business.

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